Newly plant-based?

Here are 5 steps to make your life easier

    I'm a down-to-earth Minnesota girl living in Connecticut with my husband and our two cutie pie baby boys. Well, Riley is actually a baby and Rowan is a toddler now, but your babies are your babies. You know?

    I'm obsessed with food in a creatively curious kind-of-way. Not a gallon of ice cream with a side of tears kind-of-way. If that's you, no judgement! I have kids. I get it. If it's weird and plant-based, I'm cooking (and eating) it.

    Becoming a mom made me realize this world isn't just mine, it's theirs, too! I am deeply passionate about finding new ways to make my home and lifestyle more planet-friendly. And now, I help busy, big-hearted mamas navigate how to cut back on household waste, switch to sustainable products and shop with the planet in mind.

    boy mom. hot mess. environmentalist.

    Meet Harmony

    Man of the house. Sports nut. Ringleader of wild dudes. Stereotypical New Yorker. Gives thumbs-ups to bad drivers.


    Eldest son. Responsible for tomato sauce on walls, squishing his bro, reporting who tooted and mosh-pit style dancing. Narrates everything. 


    Baby. Chubba. Sugar incarnate. Squeals like an Amazonian bird. Wakes me up at night. Will put his mouth on anything.


    Meet my team

    Moms make the people, raise the people and are the greatest influencers of the people.
    The way we've been living is not sustainable. We are depleting our resources. The climate is changing. We've polluted the air, the water and the land. Animals and plants are facing extinction. We will face it, too. Or maybe it will be our children who do.
    But, I'm hopeful.
    I believe that if more moms start embracing planet-friendly lifestyles, we have a chance. Our kids have a chance. They will learn how to live sustainably from us and follow our lead. Let's give them a boost and start driving change now, before it's their hot mess to clean up.
    I realize you're juggling a lot. I'm right there with ya! It's a miracle if I get dressed everyday.
    There are small things you can do that add up to a whole lot of goodness. You can move mountains with your choices, your purchasing power and the topic of conversation over coffee with your mom crew. You are extraordinary and we need you. I need you. Your kids need you.
    I'm not into hoarding. I'll share all the knowledge I've picked up along the way.
    If this resonates with you and you're ready to go on a planet-saving adventure, jump into the carpool.
    It's bound to be a weird ride, but that's the best kind. 

    a planet-friendly mother's manifesto