Bamboo toilet paper for a planet-friendly home

October 3, 2019

Bamboo toilet paper from Who Gives A Crap for a planet-friendly home

I recently switched to bamboo toilet paper as part of my mission to create a planet-friendly home and I am beyond excited. I realize that toilet paper is a weird thing to get excited about.

When we run out of something at home, I try to make our next purchase more sustainable. That makes it sound like I’m on top of things. Don’t get it twisted.

I forget a lot of stuff because mom life is messy. There are always dishes to wash, stinky buns to be bathed and tiny tornados following me around creating new messes to tackle. 

That means I wait until we’re on our last roll of toilet paper to think about getting more. Sometimes the low TP supply coincides with the eldest member of our household (not me) going through their pre-colonoscopy cleanse. Oopsie poopsie!

We end up buying whatever is first quick and convenient, then most eco-friendly. It’s pretty silly to buy recycled toilet paper in plastic wrapping, but it’s a better option than fresh trees. 

Sidebar: It’s weird to think about recycled toilet paper because it sounds like used toilet paper made new again. That’s not what it is, people!

Where to buy bamboo toilet paper

I’ve been creepin’ a company called Who Gives A Crap for a while. These guys sell bamboo toilet paper in sustainable packaging and give half of their profits to charities to help build toilets for people who don’t have them. 

Can you imagine not having a toilet!? I have two. I’m living the high life.

So, I ordered 48 rolls of bamboo toilet paper that arrived at my door in cutie patootie paper wrapping and it’s a subscription so I won’t run out of TP anymore. You’re welcome, husband.

I’m often skeptical of subscriptions because I don’t like getting an email that says, “Surprise! We just charged you $300 for something you don’t even need.” This one is easy to manage, change and cancel.

If you also give a crap, you can get $10 off your first order. Full disclosure: If you cash in, they’ll give me $10 off my next order, too.

Why we made the switch

If you’ve never had deep thoughts about the impact of your TP, you might be wondering, what’s the deal? 

Well, we’re dropping trees like hot cakes. We need those puppies to keep our air fresh and combat climate change. We need more trees, not fewer. Bamboo on the other hand is a quick growing grass, not a tree. It is easily renewable.

Also, plastic wrapping is a big problem. It’s not easily recycled and plastic takes a bajillion years to break down in landfills.

Burning trash sends chemicals straight into the air you and your babies are breathing right now. When plastic breaks down into tiny pieces (microplastics), they end up in your drinking water and in the oceans. Think of the sad, plastic munching turtles and fishies. 

If you can, avoid plastic wrapping. If not, please be careful to make sure it gets recycled. Check your local recycling center’s website. They have a surprising amount of information online about what is recyclable and what ends up in the trash.

I’m psyched for toilet time. It feels good to give a crap. Plus, the rolls look cute in the bathroom. Now, I actually enjoy replacing the empty roll.

Also, toilet paper is great for building train tunnels, in case you’re short on blocks. Multi-purpose goodness!

My son built a train tunnel out of adorable bamboo toilet paper from Who Gives A Crap
Rowan can build a train tunnel out of anything, even toilet paper.

I want to hear from you

The National Resources Defense Council wrote an interesting report on the effects of deforestation to make toilet paper. If you’d like to know more about the issue, check it out.

Have you ever thought about the impact your toilet paper has on the environment? Tell me all your deep thoughts from the throne in the comments or jump over to Instagram to continue the conversation.

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