The making of a vegan mom

September 21, 2019

I never thought I would become a vegan mom. I did it for him.

I have a wicked case of first-born amnesia, but I remember the exact moment I went from mom to vegan mom. I’ve forgotten so many things about the early days of motherhood that seemed mind-blowing at the time. I was sure I’d always remember, so I didn’t chronicle the first goos and the orange poos.

Okay, let’s be honest, I was too busy wiping buns and furiously googling my baby questions to prioritize that business. If you like to do that sort of thing, you’re my hero. You’re hereby invited to my house to scrapbook with me anytime. I’ll bake the brownies. Double chocolate.

My husband, Kayser, swears our first son was a nightmare baby. I only remember him being sweet and full of personality. 

Sure, he was a tricky sleeper, he spit up like a demon straight out of the Exorcist and every time we went to pediatrician I left with a truck load of anxiety because his weight percentile kept dropping. 

My recall: total bliss. 

One thing I remember well is…

The moment I went from mom to vegan mom

Here’s how it went down. Imagine…

It’s nighttime.

You’re in bed with your sleeping husband and newborn baby, who is nursing feverishly on your tender milk maker; the left one, because she performs better. You know what I’m talking about.

The TV’s on.

You’re a real life zombie and Netflix is your one true friend. She gets you. 

But, you binged on all her juicy murder mysteries while you were pregnant for a century. Seriously, you cooked that baby for over forty two weeks.

Your best option for a thrill is a gritty Christian Bale flick or a trip down documentary lane. 

Normally, you’re not a documentary kind of girl, but it’s late and it’s unlikely you’ll stay conscious for a whole movie. 

The documentary that changed my lifestyle

So you turn on Cowspiracy, a look at farming and the environment. 

You expect to doze because this is bound to be a snoozer, but instead you stay up for the whole damn thing. Your brain explodes with unexpected revelations!

You pass out and sleep for twelve blissful hours.  

Just kidding! What is sleep? 

You wake up at 3:00AM to a crying baby and google the impact of factory farming; falling down a deep a rabbit hole of information until your eyes bleed.

Then, instead of eggs for breakfast, you make oatmeal. 

You opt for a quinoa bowl lunch instead of an entire rotisserie chicken. 

A veggie burger instead of beef for dinner. 

Boom! You’re a vegan mom.

That is literally what happened. Literally! 

Sidebar: Who started saying literally all the time and why is it so contagious!? I’m going to google it. That’s what I do! I have so many questions and a ravenous need for answers. That’s why we’re here, people! I have mucho knowledge taking over my brain and I need somewhere to air it out.

I never ever thought I would be a vegan mom

I never ever, ever thought my husband would go along with it. In fact, I didn’t try to convince him. 

But, he did! Not right away, but within a week or two, I’d say.

My husband watched the documentary and we had a quality conversation about it. We eventually watched What The Health, too, which was shocking in a more human health impact kind-of-way. 

Full disclosure, the documentaries are a little heavy handed with their message. We did our own research after watching them before making a lifestyle change.

We both were really surprised to learn how serious an issue the pollution from factory farming is, and felt like if we can stop eating animal products and contributing to the problem while increasing our health, why wouldn’t we? 

For the children! Our children. Because we love our tiny beast babies so much. And, I know you love your beast babies, too.

Why my story matters

I’m telling this story because I’ve eaten so much meat in my life and never wondered how it was impacting the environment. At all. Ever. Maybe you haven’t either until now. 

I read a whimsical quote once that went something like, “there would be no ocean without the drops of water coming together as one.”

I butchered it, but you get the idea.

Together we can make a huge impact. We can be the ocean. Let that wash over you. (Puns are not just for dads, folks!)

You might be thinking, ‘well GOOD FOR YOU being a vegan mom and having your stuff together over there in Connecticut, but I’m just a regular hot mess mom!’ 

Girl, me too. I do not have it all together and I may be further along on my enviro-mom journey, but I didn’t start that long ago. I’m still learning. 

Choosing to eat plants instead of animals is just one of many ways to reduce your environmental impact. It just happens to be the beginning of my story.

Becoming a mom rocked me. It still rocks.

What surprising ways has your lifestyle changed since becoming a mom?

Tell me your story in the comments or head over to Instagram to continue the conversation.

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